The people for whom this project has become possible

Jonathan Neal for being extremely helpful and for the @astropub/codecs library.

Jonas Kruckenberg for the imagetools-core and vite-imagetools libraries.

Lovell Fuller for the awesome sharp library.

Matt Mc for the potrace library.

Zade Viggers for his code contributions.

Peter Singh for documentation support and suggestions.

โ€ฆand many more people for their help and inspiration. And, thanks to the Astro JS community for their support and encouragement. And, thanks to the people behind the Vite JS project too.

The resouces that have helped me understand Responsive Images and Image Optimization

Responsive Images 101 by Cloud Four.

Responsive images by MDN.

A Guide to the Responsive Images Syntax in HTML by CSS-Tricks.

Responsive Images by Google Developers.

Optimising for high-density displays by Jake Archibald.

Responsive Images, The sizes Attribute, and Unexpected Image Sizes by Mark Root-Wiley.

Fluid Images: Art Direction by Learn How To Program.

Responsive images and art direction by

โ€ฆand many more articles and resources that have helped me to understand Responsive Images and Image Optimization.